DIY Halloween Party Decorations

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At Just Like Family, we’re excited for Halloween! We can’t wait! We’ve already posted about costumes, and Halloween treats and drinks. Now we’ll cover party decorations you can make at home. These decorations will bring your party up from “eh” to “OMG”. People will be asking where you bought your decorations. And don’t be surprised if they’re stunned to hear that they’re all homemade! Save these projects, I bet you’ll be getting asked for instructions on how to make each item from your partygoers.

Headless Horseman Door Greeter
We’re starting out with a bang. This headless guy will greet your party guests and set the tone for the night.

Candy Corn Pinata
This is a great activity for kids (and adults who love to hit things).

Haunted Terrarium
This decoration is more understated than the previous two, but it’s a great table-piece.

Halloween Chair Decoration
This one is easy, all you need are coffee filters, string, and a Happy Halloween sign.

Halloween Welcome Sign
If you’re not up for making the headless horseman, try this cobweb welcome sign.

Instructables and CountryLiving

Head in a Jar
This one may freak out some of your guests, so create with caution.

Banister Owls
Cute little owls to watch over your yard…or guests.

Witch’s Broom Halloween Place Card Holders
These cute place cards are great if you’re planning a sit down Halloween party.

Hanging Foam Bats
Hang these cute little guys from the trees or in your dining area or living room.

Jack o Lantern Luminaries
Light the path to your door for guests and trick or treaters.

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