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Airplane Travel Tips for Seniors

You may be going on vacation this Spring Break to visit friends and family. As a senior citizen, you may be traveling, or as a family member you may have your older relatives coming to visit. It is important to be prepared, especially for those requiring extra assistance, a bulkhead seat, food and drinks, or other necessities. Below are some tips to help you or your loved ones travel safely and comfortably by air.

suitcaseBook the Flight Early

Booking as early as possible ensures you can pick a comfortable seat, such as an exit row or bulkhead. This will allow you to have extra leg room and space to get in and out. At this time you should also be able to ask about extra assistance like a wheelchair or check the airline’s policy on medical equipment like oxygen tanks. You can also check the baggage policy, as many airlines have started charging for bags.

Bring the Proper Documents

Make sure if you are flying within the country you have a government-issued ID like a driver’s license that has your full name and birth date. If you are traveling out of the country a passport is required. Your ticket name must match that on your ID.


For the easiest passage through security wear comfortable, easy to take off shoes. If you are over 75, you can keep on your shoes and jacket. Those using wheelchairs are generally allowed to skip the security line. Make sure to put your liquids in the required containers and a ziploc bag. This will need to be taken out of your bag during screening, so make sure it is easily accessible.

On the Plane

Make sure if you need to take medications that you buy a water before you head on the plane, or you can purchase some while in flight. Also bring food or purchase some so you don’t lose strength. If you have a long flight, make sure you get up every few hours and move around.

Getting Off the Plane

If you require assistance, you will need to wait til the rest of the plane debarks. At this time, someone from the airline will come assist you in debarking and help with your bags. They can escort you to the baggage claim and assist in getting your bags. Make sure your family knows where to meet you beforehand.

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Computer Books for Seniors

Three computer books for seniors

It is a very good idea to be online. Not knowing how to use the computer, shop online, search, use Facebook, or write a letter, can really hold you back. Whether you are a senior without much computer knowledge or a family member trying to get your older relative online, these books were made for you. They feature easy to understand steps and wording for the computer illiterate to comprehend. Next time you are at the book store, browse through these options to see which is right for you or your loved one.

computer books for seniors

The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Computer Basics

Michael Miller

Michael Miller is the number one author of beginning technology books. He will teach you the ins and outs of Windows, software, hardware, and the internet. You will learn how to work the computer, search on the internet, manage money online, and protect your computer from viruses. Find the right version for the operating system you are currently using.

computer books for seniors

For Dummies: Computers for Seniors

Nancy C. Muir

The For Dummies series is an excellent quick start guide for the novice computer user. They explain everything in simple to understand terms. It runs through basics like turning on the computer, to using the keyboard, to shopping online, and using social media. The book features large print and drawings, as well as up to date information for the latest operating system Windows 9.

computer books for seniors

Is This Thing On?

Abby Stokes

This is the perfect book for those just getting started in the computer world. It’s made especially with seniors in mind. The author, Abby Stokes, has taught over 140,000 seniors how to use the computer. She is an excellent guide into how to get started. She will take you through buying a computer, using the internet, creating an email account, using search engines, using social media, streaming movies, and so much more. This is a comprehensive guide to just about everything you will need to do to become computer literate.

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Easy Ways to Prevent Common Injuries

As we age, our physical health may begin to decline. It may be harder to stand up quickly or walk for long distances. If you or a loved one live on their own, it is a good idea to install some safety measures throughout the house. They may not seem necessary, but if they can prevent a fall, then it is very worthwhile. Falls are the most common injury seen in older Americans visiting the emergency room. These falls can do real damage as the body ages. There can be bruises or bleeding, but also broken bones, hips, or concussions. Take a look at some of these injury prevention ideas that you can implement in the house.

Prevent common injuries

Wear Non-Slip Shoes

This is a very cheap, simple way to try and prevent falls. Shoes with a lack of traction can easily cause you to tumble. Invest in a comfortable, easy to put on pair of shoes with a non-slip sole. Velcro is recommended as laces can become untied and tripped on.

Replace Carpeting & Remove Rugs

If your home has areas where the carpeting is coming up, you should replace it. It is easy for someone to get a foot caught. It is a good idea to get rid of rugs. These can move when stepped upon and cause a fall.

Double Railing for Stairs

One railing may seem like enough, but having railings on both sides helps a lot. It will allow you to put your body weight on the railings, making it easier to climb the stairs. You can then focus on making each step, rather than worrying about balance.

Motion-sensor Lights

These lights can be switched on once someone walks into the room. They are great for the night, if you need to get up and do something. The motion sensor will sense your movement and turn on the light. This allows you to better see where you are walking.

Grab Bars & Shower Seats

These should be placed in areas like the shower or tub. Inside the bathing area it is also useful to have a steady shower seat, so you don’t need to stand for a long time. Placing non-slip mats inside the shower and outside will ensure you don’t slip easily on the wet surface.