How to relieve your stress

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April is Stress Awareness Month! Yes, it’s a favorite April holiday that we all love to celebrate…oh wait I’m thinking of Easter.

Stress Awareness Month doesn’t get as much publicity as awareness holidays like Breast Cancer Awareness or Heart Month, but it’s still just as important. Stress, when left unchecked, can lead to huge health issues like anxiety, depression, and heart attacks. It can also show itself visibly as acne or canker sores, as well as loss of sleep, digestive issues, and weight problems.

It’s surprising that more focus is not put towards relieving stress. But we have some ideas to help you conquer your stress.

What causes stress?

The main causes of stress in our lives is family, work, and health. There are tons and tons of reasons why people can feel stressed, and some can impact us more than others. As a kid, if you forgot your homework at home you likely felt stressed about the implications (a 0 for that assignment). The stress from forgetting your lunch at home when you go to work is likely a lot lower than the stress of hating your job.

Here are some common sources of stress broken down by category:

Life & Family

  • Divorce/Marriage issues
  • Getting married
  • Death
  • Moving
  • Taking care of a loved one
  • Birth of a child

Jobs & Money & School

  • Losing a job
  • Being unhappy at your job
  • Unfriendly coworkers
  • A new project
  • Harassment
  • New financial responsibilities
  • Getting a bad grade
  • An upcoming test
  • A presentation

How to treat stress

Now, as of this writing, there still is no cure for stress. Stress affects people of all shapes and sizes in different ways. For one person, losing a job is a financial nightmare, for another it’s a blessing in disguise so they can work on their new business.

It’s nearly impossible to create a treatment for stress that can help every single person. Here are some ideas that may be able to help you.

  1. Exercise: This is a great distraction from your stress. You’ll also feel great after a good workout.
  2. Talk to people: Spending time with people can help some relieve stress. It also might help to seek out a therapist who can listen to your problems.
  3. Get some sleep: Rest is important because lack of sleep can cause even more stress and make you irritable. Try exercising before bed to tire your body out. Remove screens for an hour before bed to give your eyes and mind a rest.
  4. Yoga or meditation: Find a way that you can take your mind off things and relax. Meditation is a skill you need to develop but it can help you find a few minutes of relaxation.


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