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Great Summer Board Games

It’s summer! That means the kids are off and they’re already bored. You try taking them to the park, but it gets hot so quickly. You take them to the pool, but that gets old after a few days. What else is there to do when kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, neighbors come over? It’s time to pull out the board games! There are so many, which one is just right? We’ll go through some great games for families, some for seniors, and some just for kids. Hopefully you find one that will keep your family occupied, even if just for a few hours.

Family Board Games
You went to visit family, or they came to you. Sometimes it’s hard to decide on something everyone can enjoy. Board games are great for all ages. Here are a few that are fun for adults and kids alike.

If only life was like a board game. In Life, you go through the typical life stages: teen, adult, old age. Throughout, you experience highs and lows. Some will end up with a mansion, great job, and family. Others may end up in a shack, with a lousy job, and too many kids. Spin the wheel of Life and see where you end up.
Players: 2-6
Age range: 9 to adult
Playing time: About 45 mins.

Everyone knows Clue! It’s the game where you try to find the perpetrator of a murder. Everyone gets a character to play and people try to guess who the murderer is. It’s a fun “whodunit” type game for the family.
Players: 2-6 or 3-6
Age range: 8 to adult
Playing time: 15-60 minutes

Adult Games

Trivial Pursuit
Think you’re a knowitall? Test your knowledge of all things from pop culture to science to history. Trivial Pursuit has been around a while, but it’s still a fun group game.
Players: 2-6
Age range: 15 and up
Playing time: Varies

This game is fun with older children and adults. You have a partner or teammates, and one person picks up a card. That person must try to get their partners to guess the word. But this is where it gets tricky. The cards have taboo words that you can’t say. For instance, the word is Fourth of July, the taboo words may be Independence Day, BBQ, grilling, summer, hot dogs, hamburgers. It gets hard, so you have to be creative.
Players: 4 +
Age range: 12 and up
Playing time: 10-30 minutes

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Summer Tips for Seniors


Summers in Florida can be brutal, I’m sure you know this already. While most of the residents up north stay inside during winter, we tend to stay in during summer. Just a minute or two out in the sun can get you sweating. For seniors, it is especially important to keep safe during summer. There are a few concerns to address in regards to older Americans. We’ll address them here and give you some tips!

Prevent Eye Damage
This sounds serious, and we put it first because it is! If you are a senior and plan to venture outside during summer, we recommend purchasing a good pair of sunglasses. These will help reduce eye strain, as well as protect them from the sun. Your eyes are more sensitive than most, so it’s important to shield them while you are outdoors.

As we age, our skin becomes more and more frail. This can lead to increased skin injury and damage. In the hot summer sun, it is important for seniors to apply sunscreen that blocks UVA and UVB rays. The SPF for the sunscreen should be above 15. Even if you don’t plan to be out long, it is important to have some on. It’s also a good idea to carry some with you.

Venturing outdoors, our bodies will start to perspirate in order to keep ourselves cool. This loss of water can lead to dehydration. It’s important to drink plenty of water throughout the day, about 8 glasses. Also carry water in a reusable bottle when you go out.

Air Conditioning
Staying outdoors can be hot, but being inside a room without air conditioning can sometimes feel even worse. The air has nowhere to move and the humidity gets trapped indoors. Ensure your air conditioner is in proper working condition. It may even be beneficial to have it inspected just to be safe.

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Best Nursing Sites


In a job like nursing, it’s important to stay on top of all the changes, news, and procedures you need to know. The internet is your best source for all of this. It’s also a great place to find and communicate with other nurses. You can even find humor, blogs, videos, and items to buy. Here’s a list of nursing sites you should check out!

Nurse Zone
Knowledge, events, articles

All Nurses
Nurse networking

Scrubs Mag
Career, humor, fun, quizzes, style

 American Nurses Association
Practice, ethics, safety, credentials, conferences

 Nurse Buff
Nursing humor and lifestyle

Innovative Nurse
Podcast, entrepreneurship, tech

The Nerdy Nurse
Products, travel, tech

Nurse Together
Community, education, jobs

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Convenient Custom Transportation

4 cars

Living in southwest Florida without a car can sometimes be a hassle. We have the Collier Area Transit bus system, but it’s not always reliable, and it may not go to the areas you need. You can use a taxi service, but that can get expensive and you may have to wait a while for one to show up. You can also ask a friend or family member to drive you, but sometimes we don’t want to bother others with small trips to the store, doctors office, or airport. What other solution is there for this transportation challenge?

Just Like Family Concierge Transport Services!

At Just Like Family Home Care, we realized a need for not only seniors, but others throughout southwest Florida. The need? Convenient, affordable, reliable transportation. Transportation you can trust to take you to the airport, bring you on your errands, or pick you up from a hospital discharge. Taxi services and other transportation groups lack the necessary vehicles you may need. Those requiring wheelchairs, walkers, large scooters, and even stretchers don’t have many transportation options. Just Like Family Concierge Transport Services has a non-emergency medical vehicle just for these clients! No more contacting a third-party ambulance service which ends up charging by the mile!

Another vehicle we offer is our luxury Mercedes sedan. This car is for those looking to impress. No matter if you are going to the airport, or heading out on the town for a date, this vehicle will let you keep up appearances and feel confident. A lack of a car doesn’t mean you should have to rely on budget rental cars.

We also provide round trip airport service! In airport from Miami to Tampa is fair game for us. We will drive you up for a red eye to Orlando International Airport, and pick you up from a late night flight landing in Miami. We also head to cruise ship ports, so you won’t need to drive and leave your car at the port for a week.

The service is great for seniors and their families. We are always on time, will wait for you, and can even assist with errands. You’ll feel confident calling us to bring your grandmother to the store to get groceries or help your dad get to his dentist appointment. We provide peace of mind for families that don’t live near older relatives.

Trips short and far, we do it all! Trust Concierge Transport Services for your next transportation related need.