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Just Like Family: Plastic Surgery After Care

Many times people assume Just Like Family Home Care is just for elderly patients needing a nurse or caregiver, but that’s not the case. For several years now we have offered after care for those who are recovering from plastic surgery.

Our Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Home Health Aides are available to provide you with superior care 24 hours/7 days a week directly in your home or temporary accommodation setting. We provide daily drop-in care, day or night care, extended hourly and after hours house-calls.

We offer our clients flexible scheduling because we understand that it may be difficult to gauge how much care you will need following surgery. Some patients may require more hours and some
may need fewer than anticipated. We will work with your surgical team to customize a plan of care that fits your needs.

Our compassionate staff is sensitive to your complete privacy and you will rest peacefully knowing that we will have all your needs attended to—just like your own family would. This is what we mean by “where your family is our family, too”.

Our Nurses

Our nurses are carefully screened, licensed and go through a rigorous selection process. We only seek individuals that are experienced, possess high customer service standards and a warm bedside manner. Many of our nurses have even been referred to us from leading plastic surgeons in our area.

We understand that the decision to undergo surgery requires a lot of research and planning. It is just as important to consider your options for post-operative care. Just Like Family caters to those individuals who seek the best in nursing care and know the peace of mind of having assistance after surgery.

Physical exertion or stress could lead to serious complications. Allow us to pamper you throughout your experience and provide you with a smooth and successful recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will my Nurse assist me with after surgery?

Depending on your surgery and medical history, your surgeon may require you to have a Nurse to care for you in the beginning hours following your surgery. A Nurse can actually administer your medications and assist you with wound care, drain tubes, etc. They can also provide assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, getting dressed, preparing meals, light housekeeping, laundry and general household management. Because of different circumstances, including some people having family and/or friends to assist with the recovery, we will work closely with your surgeon and his office staff to customize a plan of care that promotes your safety and best outcome for recovery.

Will my Nurse be able to transport me to and from surgery and to my follow-up appointment?

If your follow-up visit is scheduled during the course of your services, your Nurse can transport you to your appointment. You can also hire our company for transportation to or from your surgery and/or post operative appointments.

In the event of an emergency, what will my Nurse do?

You can rest assured that all Just Like Family Nurses are experienced with post-op care and are CPR certified. Thus, in the event of an emergency, a standard protocol will be followed and they will contact your surgeon’s office immediately.

Call today for more information: 239-431-6661.