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Convenient Custom Transportation

4 cars

Living in southwest Florida without a car can sometimes be a hassle. We have the Collier Area Transit bus system, but it’s not always reliable, and it may not go to the areas you need. You can use a taxi service, but that can get expensive and you may have to wait a while for one to show up. You can also ask a friend or family member to drive you, but sometimes we don’t want to bother others with small trips to the store, doctors office, or airport. What other solution is there for this transportation challenge?

Just Like Family Concierge Transport Services!

At Just Like Family Home Care, we realized a need for not only seniors, but others throughout southwest Florida. The need? Convenient, affordable, reliable transportation. Transportation you can trust to take you to the airport, bring you on your errands, or pick you up from a hospital discharge. Taxi services and other transportation groups lack the necessary vehicles you may need. Those requiring wheelchairs, walkers, large scooters, and even stretchers don’t have many transportation options. Just Like Family Concierge Transport Services has a non-emergency medical vehicle just for these clients! No more contacting a third-party ambulance service which ends up charging by the mile!

Another vehicle we offer is our luxury Mercedes sedan. This car is for those looking to impress. No matter if you are going to the airport, or heading out on the town for a date, this vehicle will let you keep up appearances and feel confident. A lack of a car doesn’t mean you should have to rely on budget rental cars.

We also provide round trip airport service! In airport from Miami to Tampa is fair game for us. We will drive you up for a red eye to Orlando International Airport, and pick you up from a late night flight landing in Miami. We also head to cruise ship ports, so you won’t need to drive and leave your car at the port for a week.

The service is great for seniors and their families. We are always on time, will wait for you, and can even assist with errands. You’ll feel confident calling us to bring your grandmother to the store to get groceries or help your dad get to his dentist appointment. We provide peace of mind for families that don’t live near older relatives.

Trips short and far, we do it all! Trust Concierge Transport Services for your next transportation related need.

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Driving for Seniors

imagesAre you or a loved one starting to feel the effects of aging? The aging process can have an effect on your driving skills. There are no age limits for older drivers, but it is recommended to get your eyesight tested, be certain your loved ones aren’t worried about your driving, and make sure driving doesn’t make you nervous or overwhelmed.
All of these concerns should be taken into account when you consider whether or not to give up your ability to drive. It may seem hard to give up that independence, but the safety of yourself and other drivers and pedestrians needs to be taken into consideration.
Have you noticed it is difficult to read signs? Is the headlight glare at night bothersome? Are you able to properly navigate at night? Be certain that your seat is high enough so you can see over the steering wheel. If you wear glasses, make sure the prescription is up to date and get prescription sunglasses if needed. It is also recommended if you are over 60 to visit the eye doctor each year.
Control of the Vehicle
Be certain you are able to physically control the vehicle. Is it difficult to look over your should when you change lanes? Is walking a concern? Do you get pain or out of breath walking up or down stairs? Answering yes to any of these questions should prompt you to consult your doctor. Be sure when you drive that you are comfortable, that mirrors and your seat are in the proper positions so you can see.
Feel Safe Driving
Have you had any dizzy spells recently? Has your vision become blurry? Be sure to wait a while before driving, or have a friend drive you if you have been feeling dizzy. If you recently took medicine it may cause you to become fatigued, so it is best if you do not drive right after. Try to avoid driving during busy times of the day, plan your outings for during the day.
Loved Ones Concerned
If your loved ones have expressed concerns over your driving it may be a good idea to enroll in a mature driving class. These are offered by AAA and AARP. It is also smart to give your loved ones a call or text when you plan to go out and when you return home, so they know you are safe. If it becomes a major concern, ask them to provide rides for you or set up rides with a transport service.
If you ever need a ride to a doctors appointment, event or you just need help running errands, call Just Like Family Concierge Transport Services