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Halloween Costumes for Seniors

You’re never too old to enjoy Halloween. Whether your favorite part is dressing up, or maybe it’s gorging on candy, you always make sure to celebrate Halloween. It’s a chance to let loose and go a little crazy, because the rest of the year it’s not socially acceptable to wear costumes (unless if you’re a performer or love Renaissance fairs). Let your inner kid out with these senior-appropriate Halloween costume ideas.

Popeye and Olive Oyl
If you’re a duo looking for a costume, there’s no better couple to dress up as than Popeye and Olive Oyl.

DTJAAAAM found this couple at Emerald City Comic Con

It’s easy being a pirate. Well, not the sailing on the high seas part. Dressing up as one is simple enough. Grab an eye patch, a striped or white shirt, long pants, put a parrot on your shoulder, and you’re now a swashbuckling pirate.

Charlie Chaplin
If you happen to remember and adore Charlie Chaplin’s work, who better to dress as for Halloween? All you need is a suit, hat, cane, and tiny mustache.

From theatermania.com

This one isn’t too hard to pull off. You just need a dress, broom, and pointy hat. Bonus points if you paint your face and hands green like the Wicked Witch of the West.

From costumecraze.com

Be the superhero you always wanted to be this Halloween! Check out the awesome Jacob Nassberg sporting a Superman costume for the Just Like Family Halloween celebration.


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Stay in Touch with Loved Ones


Many of us don’t live within driving distance of our family members. Some of us are hours apart, while others are states apart. It can be hard to visit often, but luckily the internet has given us the ability to communicate with ease. Whether you want to video chat, play a game, or just talk, it’s easy to hop online and hang out. Let’s see which apps and websites are out there to help you stay in touch with your loved ones.

This is probably the most widely known and used video chat service. It’s easy to set up an account, and as long as you have a webcam, you can start video chatting right away.

Google Hangouts
This is an alternative to Skype. Some people may experience hiccups with Skype at times, so Hangouts is another similar service you can use during these times.

If you or your loved one don’t have a large allocation for texting in their cellphone plan, you can use a wifi based service like WhatsApp to message using the internet right from your phone.

This is an app very similar to WhatsApp. Although it’s less popular, it still gets the job done.

MiniClip Multiplayer Games
Head over to Miniclip.com and you and your loved ones can play games together in real time.

This website allows you to video chat, while simultaneously look at a computer screen. So you can be video chatting and watching a YouTube video together at the same time! No more “1,2,3 play” moments where you try to sync your videos while on separate computers.

This is a free screen sharing website. It’s great for helping show your mom how to navigate the internet or open up a program.

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Cooling Off Seniors

It’s extremely important to stay cool in the summer, especially here in Florida with our high heat and humidity. Heat is one of the leading causes of weather-related death in the US, causing hundreds each year (National Weather Service). This is especially true for children and older Americans. As we age, our bodies become less efficient, and we can’t regulate our body temperature as well. This alone makes keeping seniors cool a priority.

So how do we keep them cool? Well The Heritage at Lowman as a great article on how to keep seniors cool during summer. They have tips like adding fruit to water for added taste, to walk around an indoor mall if your home doesn’t have AC, and to dress in light colored, loose-fitting clothes.

Keeping Seniors Cool During Summer’s Heat
the Heritage at Lowman

According the National Weather Service, heat is one of the leading causes of weather-related death in the United States, causing hundreds of fatalities each year. Older adults are even more susceptible to the dangers of heat, as they are less likely to sense and respond to changes in temperature. Additionally, as we grow older, our bodies become less efficient at regulating body temperature. Seniors are also more likely to have a health condition or be taking medications that make it more difficult for the body to regulate its temperature or to perspire.

The importance of staying hydrated

Just as our sensitivity to heat dulls as we age, so does our awareness of thirst. This, along with our body’s decreased ability to conserve water as we grow older, puts seniors at greater risk of dehydration. Summer heat adds to the risk, because on hot days, the body loses water more quickly. Here are some tips for staying hydrated this summer:

  • Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to take in fluids. If you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol, as these can cause the body to lose even more fluid.
  • Eat lots of fresh fruit, a wonderful source of fluids.
  • Add fresh lemon or lime to your water to add a little flavor.
  • Use water to dilute fruit juices, making them last longer and increasing your fluid intake.
  • Get creative! Make “mocktails,” like nonalcoholic daiquiris and piña coladas.

If you are on a fluid-restricted diet, consult your physician about how to get the fluids you need during the hot summer months.

Read more of the article on their website

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The Origin of Labor Day

Courtesy of the Dept. of Labor

We all love when Labor Day rolls around, it means a day off of work (for many of us), which means more time to relax and spend with friends and family. Labor Day always occurs on the first Monday of September. That much we know. And it has something to do with working, right? Exactly!

Labor Day was started out of the labor movement, and it’s a day to pay tribute to the achievements of the American worker. It was first recognized in 1885 and 1886. The first state to recognize it as a holiday was Oregon in 1887. By 1894, it became a federal holiday. This was because of a railroad strike called the Pullman Strike. During this strike, 30 workers were killed after President Grover Cleveland ordered US Marshals and US Army troops to quell the event. In order to appease organized labor after this tragedy, Cleveland and Congress made Labor Day a holiday.

The idea was proposed by a machinist named Matthew Maguire in 1882, while he was serving as secretary of the Central Labor Union. There is controversy though, as many argue that Peter McGuire of the American Federation of Labor first proposed it in May 1882.

The holiday falls on the first Monday of each September to mark the end of summer. Now it has become a huge retail sale day, as have many other holidays like Memorial Day and Thanksgiving.

There you have it! A brief origin of Labor Day. Now you’ll know why you’re out on the beach on Monday and not having to work.