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Celebrating Five Years with Just Like Family

Our slogan at Just Like Family is: “Just Like Family: Where your family is our family, too.” We always say that we treat our customers like family, but it goes hand in hand with our employees and caretakers. As a small business, it’s a challenge to find loyal, reliable employees, which is why Just Like Family feels so blessed to have not one, but two employees celebrating their five year anniversaries with us.

Michelle Krumm: Regional Sales Manager 

Michelle Krumm began her Just Like Family career in 2009, working as a Sales Representative prior to being promoted to Regional Sales Manager three years ago. Krumm is proud of how much growth the company has seen in the last five years. Her job is to work directly with sales reps out in the field in Lee and Collier County, working to train them in order to grow the business and expand Just Like Family’s territory to Charlotte County. Her efforts are evident as the company now has 17 employees.

“The possibilities are endless,” says Krumm. “I love working for a smaller company. I love being able to take an idea and run with it. I don’t have to go through the corporate chain, but instead, I can go to Lis and Jacob and the next day the idea can come to life.”

Krumm says it’s easy to come into work everyday when her bosses are her best friends. “That goes a long way because Lis and Jacob are compassionate and loyal. The loyalty we have for one another is hard to find with businesses today.”

On top of that, Krumm says helping people everyday is very rewarding. “This job is different than the sales I’ve done in the past. Here, I’m making a difference in people’s lives. It’s hard when adult children are out of state and can’t see mom and dad on a daily or even monthly basis. You’re that piece that brings everything together for them.”

Alissa Mitchell: Client Relations Manager

When Alissa Mitchell started at Just Like Family in 2009 she never imagined the growth the company would see in just five years. When she started, she did everything from payroll to staffing.  “We were four people. I was excited. Michelle and I started two weeks apart. I remember discussing how we’d like to see the company grow, but it happened so quickly. I can’t believe we have 17 people in this office today,” says Mitchell.

Mitchell says it’s a combination of the people she works with and the clients she has met that has made coming into work for the last five years so rewarding. “The company name says it all. Just Like Family. Lis and Jacob have always been like family to me. Not only that, you grow a bond with the caregivers, the clients and the clients families. It’s huge and that’s what makes this job interesting and fun,” says Mitchell. “It’s something different every day and as we continue to move forward, it’s about being a part of helping the company grow.”