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In-Home Care vs. Nursing Home: When do you need these services?


The elder care industry is growing rapidly, especially as the Baby Boomer generation starts to get into their older years. With the care of older parents and relatives falling to young people and those in their middle ages, it can be tough to decide how best to care for them.

Some parents have been able to stock away money to provide for their own care. Others have beneficial care policies which may cover their elderly care needs. But it seems that the majority are relying on their relatives and children to provide care as they age.

The US has seen a surge in elderly care and memory care facilities. Memory care refers to helping those with dementia or Alzheimers who live within the facility.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, in 2012, there were 1.4 million people in nursing homes nationally.

If you’re considering all of your options in terms of the care of your aging relative or parent, you’re likely thinking about the pros and cons of nursing homes. We’re going to go over some of the benefits and disadvantages of utilizing one of these services.

When You Need A Nursing Home

Round the Clock Assistance
If your loved one is finding it hard to do basic tasks, and seems to constantly need some assistance, 24 hour help may be necessary. Nursing homes can aid with bathing, eating, dressing, administering medicine, and more.

Specialized Care
If your loved one suffers from a specialized disease such as dementia, Alzheimers or something else that needs extra care, then a nursing home may help in this case. Your loved on may need additional care to help with the symptoms and issues that occur with these diseases.

Nursing homes involve your loved one living among those their age. A nursing home can allow for socialization, outings, and other events to keep them involved in their community.

When You Can Utilize Home Care

Round the Clock Assistance
That’s right! Many home care agencies (including Just Like Family) provide round the clock assistance to your loved one. Care provided by an agency is more specialized and tailored, and the nurse or caregiver will be focusing only on your loved one.

Relieving your Family
If you plan to take over the care for your loved one, you may need some assistance from time to time. Let’s say you plan a vacation or need to take a business trip. A home care agency can provide a caregiver to visit your loved one each day or stay with them 24/7. This allows you to continue with your life and know that your loved one is well taken care for.

House Keeping, Food Prep, Errands
If your loved one is under your care, but lives on their own, they may need some assistance with daily chores. Caregivers from home care agencies can help with housekeeping, food preparation, running errands, or taking your loved one to appointments.

If you’d like to hear about the benefits of in-home care for your loved one, give Just Like Family Home Care a call at 239.431.6661,

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What to look for in an elderly care service provider

When it comes to our loved ones, we want to do whatever is best for them. And as they age, this can mean making hard decisions like how to care for them if they are not able to live on their own. It’s a tough process that many people go through. Some younger people may have older parents needing extra care, while a working mom of two now needs to worry about how to care for her aging father. One thing we want to remind you is that you aren’t alone. There are ways to get help for your relatives and family members who need some extra help around the house, bathing, running errands, going to the doctor. First, let’s outline what exactly you want in an elderly care service.

You want to make sure whoever is coming into your home is licensed. Whether they are a Home Health Aide, an LPN, RN, or other nursing designation. This is especially important if your loved one requires medical attention such as with injections, medicine, or wound care.

If you go through a company, they will be able to provide licensing documents to prove the credentials of their staff. Going through a company is your safest bet, as most companies will do background checks, and interviews when they hire someone new.

Ask Questions
If you’re unsure of just how everything works then ask questions. These elderly care service companies know what they’re doing and have the answers you need. If you aren’t sure whether your loved one needs an LPN or HHA they can guide you in the right direction.

Check out the companies reviews online. Look on Yelp, Facebook, Angie’s List. If the company is willing, they may even be able to put you in touch with a past client who can give you a true review.

Decide What You Need
It’s important to know what you want to get out of a service like this. This will help you decide on the right company and person to come in and help your loved one. Maybe your loved one can still drive, but has a hard time doing chores around the house. Or maybe they are bed-ridden and need 24 hour care.

Make Your Decision
Once you’ve done your research, found a great company, and know just what your loved one needs, then it’s time to make the decision. It can be tough to admit you need help caring for your loved one. Bring other family members into the discussion so you can get their feedback and input as well. And make sure your loved one understands what will be happening. They may not accept it, but it is important to explain why they need some extra assistance.

If you’re in the Southwest Florida area looking for elderly care service you’ve come to the right blog! Just Like Family Home Care has companions all the way up to live-in care for your loved one. Any assistance they need, we’ve got it covered. I invite you to come see what we can do for you.

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Become a Caregiver for Just Like Family

Caregiver and male patientJust Like Family Home Care is a Nurse Registry that takes applications at all times. As an independent contractor registered with our company, we will refer clients to you that meet your availability and skill level.

Please download the caregiver application and fax to (239) 431-6690 or mail to our office. If you have any questions, you may direct them to info@justlikefamilyhomecare.com or call our office Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. at (239) 431-6661. The application must be complete including copies that you need to include according to your skill level. Please also download a copy of the rules and regulations that apply to your skill level. We also have physical forms available to download if you need one.

Click HERE to download the application