What to Expect From a Private Home Care Service

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Making the decision to hire a private home care service to take care of an aging parent is hard because it means admitting that you can’t handle everything on your own; however, once the decision is made, many adult children admit they feel a sense of relief, as though a weight has been lifted off their shoulders. If you know what to expect from private home care, both you and your parent will be more comfortable with hiring someone to help.


At Just Like Family in Naples, FL, the care we provide varies depending on the client’s individual needs, but there are general services that we perform regardless if your loved one needs 24-hour care or occasional visits.


If you hire one of our caretakers to look after an ailing relative, the first thing the staff member will do is sit down with you and discuss your loved one’s health. It is important that we follow doctor’s orders, and the caretaker will draw up a care plan that takes them into account. In addition to any specifics that the doctor has prescribed, caregiving tasks for our staff members include:


  • Checking blood pressure, heart rate, breaths, and temperature
  • Ensuring prescriptions are followed
  • Ensuring the client is eating and drinking well
  • Ensuring the client is not in any pain
  • Ensuring the client is safe while at home
  • Communicating with the client’s doctor on progress or issues while maintaining confidentiality otherwise
  • Educating family members about necessary care


Though your parent’s health is the most important factor for a caretaker to manage, many adult children rely on Just Like Family for other services, as well. In addition to providing the necessary medical care, private home care services can also help with activities like bathing, dressing, grocery shopping, cooking, scheduling appointments, and transporting the client to and from those appointments. Caretakers can also perform light housekeeping duties to ensure the client is in a safe, comfortable environment, and they can even take clients out on fun outings, which serve to boost morale and can actually improve health.
Every family’s needs are different, and that’s why Just Like Family offers a variety of caregiving services that you can pick and choose from to best serve your own family. We specialize in “match-making” clients with caregivers to ensure it’s a good fit for everyone, and we made it easy to hire private home care by eliminating lengthy contracts and weekly minimum visit requirements. It’s natural to feel nervous about hiring private home care, but when you work with Just Like Family in Naples, FL, you can expect exactly what you need: an attentive caregiver who will look after your relative with the warmth and engagement that you would yourself.  

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