4 Tips for Helping Seniors Maintain Their Independence—And Helping You Keep Your Peace of Mind

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Some people are more stubborn than others, but most seniors don’t want to admit when they need a little extra help. For that reason, it’s often up to family members to identify when to step in and offer additional help. Encouraging loved ones to maintain their senior independence while keeping your own peace of mind might sound like a challenge, but there are steps you can take to make it easier on all parties involved.

Deliver the Essentials

There are tons of delivery services available that cover everything from food and toiletries to laundry and medication. Your loved one may not want to go grocery shopping but he or she might still enjoy cooking, and eating healthy meals contributes greatly to wellbeing. Determine what your elderly relative ought to have delivered, whether it’s groceries, prepared hot meals or prescription medication, and devise a schedule that works for everyone.

Modify the Living Space

Your loved one may still be fairly mobile and active, but a nasty fall can have serious repercussions for the elderly. Give yourself peace of mind by modifying the house as needed. Install rails in the bathroom, remove tripping hazards like area rugs, and lower the shelves in the pantry for easier access without a stepstool.

Get a Personal Emergency Response System

You can’t be with your aging relative 24/7, but a personal emergency response system can. PERS allow users to call for help in an emergency by pressing a button that they wear at all times. Some PERS even have two-way phone communication, automatic fall detection and GPS tracking on them, which can help locate an elderly parent who is lost.

Hire an In-Home Caregiver

If you can’t help out your loved one a regular basis, consider hiring an in-home caregiver from Just Like Family Home Care. We offer a variety of services that range from occasional visits to 24/7 care in Naples, FL, and the surrounding areas. This is a great strategy for helping someone who is adamantly against asking for it. Many people are too proud to approach their family members, but they have no problem talking to a caregiver.

Maintaining senior independence is hard, especially as people age, but it’s understandable why anyone would want to do so. It can be frustrating when loved ones are stubborn, but empathizing with them is often the best way to devise a compromise. By following the tips above and hiring an in-home caregiver to cover any additional needs, you can have the peace of mind that your loved one is safe and healthy.


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