At Home Hobbies: Knitting

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It may seem like an old lady’s hobby, but knitting has come into its own as a hobby for all ages and genders. Head over to Etsy and you will see the amount of knit products and knitters promoting their wares on the site. Search for knitting on Google and you get 396 million results!

So you can say that knitting isn’t just an old person’s past time anymore. But how do you get started? It may seem complicated, but once you get the hang of it it becomes second nature. You can knit while watching TV, talking, or doing other things.

Knitting is also a great hobby to get into because you don’t need a huge investment. Unlike something like leather working, woodworking, car restoration, hunting, fishing, which all need lots of expensive equipment, knitting just requires the needles and yarn.

You may be wondering, what about crochet? Well crochet uses a hook and yarn, while knitting uses a needle and yarn. They’re similar in that you’re manipulating yarn. While many people will ask which technique is best for certain projects, it’s really up to your own preference.

Knitting Help offers tons of free videos for beginners to get started with knitting. Using videos is the best way to learn (besides having someone show you). Using a book is helpful, but it may not be as descriptive as you’d like. This tutorial from Lion Brand shows you almost everything you need to know about kitting from casting on to casting off to picking up stitches and duplicating. And here’s another guide on picking the right yarn for your project.

There are different types of stitches to learn:

Purl Stitch

Knit Stitch

Seed/Moss Stitch

Once you figure out the basic stitches you can start looking for tutorials to try out. Don’t get frustrated if your first few attempts end up with some mistakes! You’re just starting out so it’s definitely ok to mess up. Don’t get too ahead of yourself when picking out a tutorial. You’re probably not ready to knit a whole scarf just yet. But if you feel prepared, then jump right in!

Here are some free knitting patterns to try out:

monster knit

Knit Monsters –


Fingerless Gloves –

coffee cozy.jpg

Coffee Cozy –



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