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If you’re a lifelong learner, you probably frequent the library and read tons of books, magazines, and journals. You might even listen to a podcast or two. But have you tried online learning? No, not enrolling in a degree program online. I mean finding courses on specific topics you’re interested in! Sites that host these courses range from universities like Stanford to paid-for courses on sites like Udemy and Udacity. There are also sites that offer training in a variety of subjects and allow you to sample them all for a set price. There are tons of these courses available online to grow your skills and knowledge, let’s get into them!

This site offers both free and paid courses on subjects as varied as business, computer science, arts and humanities, and language. Many courses are offered for free, but some give out certificates for those who pay the fee. Courses are taught by universities all across the world.
Example Course: Ancient Egypt | University of Pennsylvania  (Free)

At this writing, Udemy offers over 30,000 courses. Courses are taught by anyone from a business owner to an expert in Photoshop to an enthusiast who just loves the subject. Many courses are great, but buyer beware, you should read the reviews to ensure a course is right for you.
Example Course: Chinese Made Easy (Free)

This site is offers much more specialized courses. They all specialize in technology like web development, iOS, and data science. There area few non tech ones like How to Build a Startup and Product Design. Their main offerings are nanodegrees. These include tech entpreneur, data analyst, android developer, and more. They cost money, but if you’re going to do an online program in any one of these you might as well do it through these guys. Many programs have industry partners like Google and Facebook to help teach you everything. You can even start a free trial just to see what it’s like.

The name doesn’t tell you much, but if you know anything about online learning you know that Lynda is one of the best sites out there. The site offers tons of video courses taught by experts to teach you skills in software, creative, and business. When you get a membership, you get unlimited access to all 4,400 video courses.

This renowned university offers access to many of its courses for free! You can learn about Martin Luther King Jr, Cancer Clinical Trials, Cryptography, and Introduction to Computer Networking. These courses are great for those looking to indulge their curiosity in a variety of subjects and topics.


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