Stay in Touch with Loved Ones

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Many of us don’t live within driving distance of our family members. Some of us are hours apart, while others are states apart. It can be hard to visit often, but luckily the internet has given us the ability to communicate with ease. Whether you want to video chat, play a game, or just talk, it’s easy to hop online and hang out. Let’s see which apps and websites are out there to help you stay in touch with your loved ones.

This is probably the most widely known and used video chat service. It’s easy to set up an account, and as long as you have a webcam, you can start video chatting right away.

Google Hangouts
This is an alternative to Skype. Some people may experience hiccups with Skype at times, so Hangouts is another similar service you can use during these times.

If you or your loved one don’t have a large allocation for texting in their cellphone plan, you can use a wifi based service like WhatsApp to message using the internet right from your phone.

This is an app very similar to WhatsApp. Although it’s less popular, it still gets the job done.

MiniClip Multiplayer Games
Head over to and you and your loved ones can play games together in real time.
This website allows you to video chat, while simultaneously look at a computer screen. So you can be video chatting and watching a YouTube video together at the same time! No more “1,2,3 play” moments where you try to sync your videos while on separate computers.
This is a free screen sharing website. It’s great for helping show your mom how to navigate the internet or open up a program.

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