Outdoor Activities for Seniors

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It’s time to get out and enjoy the weather after a long winter. Once you get outside, what is there to do? Well…. a lot! Here are some great activities seniors can enjoy outdoors this summer. And don’t forget your sunscreen!

If you have a lake, pond, or river nearby you should make use of it. There are likely tons of fish just waiting to be caught. Grab a rod and reel, some hooks, and bait, and you’re ready to go. If you aren’t comfortable standing, bring a chair and umbrella.

Sporting Event
There are likely tons of sporting events happening nearby that you don’t even know about. Local colleges may be having some sporting events, and they’re usually inexpensive. There may also be some amateur leagues, or if you’re in a larger city, you may have access to a pro team.

Bird Watching
This is a great outdoor activity for people of any age. Grab some binoculars, water, snacks, and a bird guide. Head outdoors and see how many you can spot.

This is a great full body exercise that isn’t as harmful to your joints as running. Just doing a few laps in the pool will get your heart rate up, and you’ll stay cool while doing it.

Pick a spot and grab your bike. It always feels nice to bike around, feeling the breeze and going further than you would if you had walked. Try biking to the store, or maybe on a bike path trail. Check to make sure there are biking lanes in your area.

If you’re up for some more physical activity, try hiking. Get a local trail map or check online to see what trails are close by. These guides should also tell you the distance and difficulty of each trail. Use this information to determine which trail you should try out.

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