Apps for Caregivers

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There’s an app for everything and everybody! Caregivers have a wide array of mobile applications available to help them with tasks like tracking, organization, reference, medicine management, and more. Download a few and test them out. Hopefully they can help improve your efficiency and effectiveness, thereby improving the quality of your care.

Caregiver’s Touch

Platforms: iPhone ($4.99), Web ($19.95 month or $199.95 year)
– Calendar helps for people caring for more than one person
– Store insurance information
– Contact List
– Essential Information storage (SSN, blood type, etc)
– Log medical history
– Security
– Allows for sharing information with others
– Must be used in conjunction with web application


Platforms: iPhone, iPad, Android
– Free
– Profile to log patient information
– Share task lists
– Share journal with logs and photos
– Medicine tracking
– Invite others to join on the app
– Can broadcast a recorded voice message to 100 people


Platforms: iPhone, iPad, Android
– Free
– Highly customizable
– Create to do lists
– Journals
– Track practically everything
– Share information with others

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