Websites for Seniors

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If you or an older loved one is computer savvy enough to surf the web, you should be checking out these senior-friendly websites. These sites have great tips geared just for older generations including health information, senior humor, jobs, finances, and more. So turn on that computer, fire up a browser, and start finding what’s available out there!


This is probably the most well known group for older Americans around. The American Association of Retired Persons helps the plus 50 crowd with everything from healthcare, retirement planning, finances, and more. They are a nonprofit which advocates for older Americans in the private and public sector. Their website is full of almost anything you can think of relating to seniors.

Senior Match

Don’t give up on love just yet! The new wave of dating is taking place online. It’s making it much easier for single seniors to find each other. It’s available for anyone over 50 whether you are looking for a soulmate or a bridge partner. Make and account today and see who you can find.

Work Force 50  

Just because you’re older, doesn’t mean you have to stop working. Many of us can’t imagine not having meaningful work in our lives, while others dream about the days of sitting and doing nothing. If you are in the former category you will want to look at Work Force 50. This site helps those over 50 find work that fits their skills and experiences. They’ll help you prepare yourself for the new job market!

Elder Treks

If you still love to travel, you’ll want to check out Elder Treks. This company offers senior friendly, small group, exotic travel tours. Travel with others around your age and explore new lands and cultures with experienced guides. Explore Borneo, Brazil, even Antarctica! There’s a trip for everyone here.

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