Visiting the Doctor

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The holidays have just passed, and you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to get and stay healthy. The first stop should be to see your doctor. He or she will be able to give you advice as to what to work on, watch out for, and what you can do to prevent certain health problems. For senior citizens it is recommended to visit your general doctor as well as the eye doctor to ensure your eyesight has not changed.

How to Get an Appointment

If you are familiar with the computer, many doctors now give you the ability to make an appointment on their website. Otherwise, call their office and inquire about the earliest chance to come in. You do not want to wait or procrastinate about going to the doctor. Your health is important and you want to take it seriously. Once your appointment day comes, be sure to get there 15 minutes early to ensure you do not miss your time. Usually the doctor is running late, but it is better to be early just in case. Bring a book or crossword puzzle to occupy your time.

What to Ask the Doctor

Be sure to come up with some questions you want to ask your doctor before your appointment. Maybe you are concerned about a specific issue such as lightheadedness upon standing or perhaps you have been feeling anxious. Do not feel afraid or embarrassed to bring up any of these issues. This is the best chance to do so, and the doctor will give you sound advice as to what you should be doing. An appointment like this is also a good chance to get a yearly physical. You can also have certain prescriptions updated if need be.

After the Appointment

If your doctor gave you new prescriptions, you will want to drop them off at the pharmacist on your way home. Write down any specific recommendations the doctor may have given you. Place them in a spot you will see them such as the refrigerator. Then put those recommendations into practice! He or she may have advised you to walk more, focus on your breathing, or any number of things. Track your results and follow up with the doctor. Call them if you have any new questions or concerns.

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