Computer Books for Seniors

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Three computer books for seniors

It is a very good idea to be online. Not knowing how to use the computer, shop online, search, use Facebook, or write a letter, can really hold you back. Whether you are a senior without much computer knowledge or a family member trying to get your older relative online, these books were made for you. They feature easy to understand steps and wording for the computer illiterate to comprehend. Next time you are at the book store, browse through these options to see which is right for you or your loved one.

computer books for seniors

The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Computer Basics

Michael Miller

Michael Miller is the number one author of beginning technology books. He will teach you the ins and outs of Windows, software, hardware, and the internet. You will learn how to work the computer, search on the internet, manage money online, and protect your computer from viruses. Find the right version for the operating system you are currently using.

computer books for seniors

For Dummies: Computers for Seniors

Nancy C. Muir

The For Dummies series is an excellent quick start guide for the novice computer user. They explain everything in simple to understand terms. It runs through basics like turning on the computer, to using the keyboard, to shopping online, and using social media. The book features large print and drawings, as well as up to date information for the latest operating system Windows 9.

computer books for seniors

Is This Thing On?

Abby Stokes

This is the perfect book for those just getting started in the computer world. It’s made especially with seniors in mind. The author, Abby Stokes, has taught over 140,000 seniors how to use the computer. She is an excellent guide into how to get started. She will take you through buying a computer, using the internet, creating an email account, using search engines, using social media, streaming movies, and so much more. This is a comprehensive guide to just about everything you will need to do to become computer literate.

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